Christophe Chemin is a French self-taught artist, currently living in Berlin. His multifaceted creative output defies categorisation. He is a draftsman, writer, photographer, director, filmmaker and designer. He is the author of four published novels and the creator of numerous films.

His art flows effortlesly from one medium to another, developing its themes freely, avoiding being trapped in any single discipline.

Ideas always come first. He then deploys the appropriate medium in a complementary and coherent way. The resulting constellation of works is akin to a large map, a mirror of the internal cartography of his artistic imagination, mapping a territory characterised by a preoccupation with the poetic, the mysterious and the ritualistic. Whether writing novels or making huge coloured pencil drawings, installations, sets and costumes for theatre, collages, photographs, performance pieces or films, Chemin pushes the boundaries to create an intricate world of inner convictions.

He thinks of himself as a seamstress, sewing one thing to another. He loves dry bread above all things. Dry bread, earth and simple beauty.

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